Welcome to the homepage of KTG, The Group of Christian Students of Technology at KTH. We consist of a Swedish group referred to as KTG, and an English speaking group referred to as the International Student Fellowship. Both groups meet weekly to talk about our christian faith, the Bible and existential questions. Read more about us below. If it sounds interesting you are most welcome to join in on a meeting.


International Students Fellowship

The Fellowship is organised by CREDO, the Swedish National Union of Evangelical students, which is affiliated to IFES ( International Fellowship of Evangelical Students).

We meet two times a week. For the schedule of our meetings, see our homepage below. Here we focus on Bible Study and also make room for existential questions.

Our fellowship meetings are an opportunity to know people through open discussions and games.

Homepage: http://www.credointernational.org

KTG (the Swedish group)

Meets on Monday evenings 5:15-6 pm, in TV-rummet, 3rd floor of the Student Union House. Here we pray and worship together, and discuss some theme or special question in connection with our faith or how to live life. From time to time we invite some guest to come share something with us.

Our gatherings are mostly held in Swedish and are open for anyone who are interested. (Translation to English is available to some extent.)

Welcome! /Daniel, chairman of KTG

For contact: